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Toyota Safety Sense™

Safety Sense | Allentown, PA
Toyota Safety Sense™ is a bundle of active safety features standard on many Toyota vehicles. These innovative features are designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm as well as help offer peace of mind to your drive.

The full Toyota Safety Sense suite currently includes six key technologies: Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Road Sign Assist, and Lane Tracing Assist.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

This crucial system uses an integrated camera and radar system to detect vehicles or pedestrians ahead of the Toyota. If the system determines that the driver is not going to safely stop to avoid colliding with a vehicle or pedestrian ahead of the Toyota, this safety system will perform the braking necessary to avoid the collision or reduce the impact. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is also available with Bicyclist Detection.

Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure Alert utilizes a camera strategically placed on the Toyota’s windshield. The system can determine if a driver is seemingly unintentionally drifting from their lane (like if the driver slowly drifts from their lane without signaling) and will alert the driver to prevent the unintentional lane veering. This feature is available with Steering Assist (to correct the drifting for the driver) and Road Edge Detection.

Automatic High Beams

With Automatic High Beams, drivers won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off their brights when approaching traffic at night. By using the same camera on the windshield that operates the Lane Departure Alert, the Automatic High Beams can detect headlights and taillights ahead of the Toyota, switching from high beams to low beams when other vehicles are detected.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Cruise control has come a long way since it was first introduced. With Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, drivers do not set a speed that cruise control maintains. Instead, they select a preset distance they would like to stay from the vehicle ahead, and the system will adjust the Toyota’s speed as necessary to maintain that distance. The system relies on radar and the windshield camera to operate successfully. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is also available with Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

Road Sign Assist

Road Sign Assist is a new technology to join the Toyota Safety Sense lineup. This system uses what Toyota describes as a forward-facing intelligent camera to monitor specific road signs, including do not enter signs, yield signs, speed limit signs, and stop signs. These signs are then displayed on the multi-information display (MID). This is especially helpful when drivers are unsure of the speed limit on a certain road. Note: The driver must still respond to these signs appropriately on their own.

Lane Tracing Assist

Like Road Sign Assist, Lane Tracing Assist is a new addition to the Toyota Safety Sense suite of technologies. It requires Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to be enabled and visible lane markers. When those two conditions are met, Lane Tracing Assist can keep the Toyota centered in its lane by monitoring the lines on the road and the vehicles ahead of the Toyota.

To see these technologies in action, schedule a test drive in a new Toyota at Krause Toyota in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania.

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