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A pristine car exterior doesn’t just look good — it can also go a long way toward preserving your vehicle’s value. Here are some of our top tips to make sure your car always looks its best.
Use the right cleaners
Whether you take your vehicle to a car wash or lather it up in your driveway, washing your vehicle every week or two is an essential part of routine maintenance. If you’re the DIY type, be sure that you’re using the right kind of cleaner for your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to splurge on cleaners made especially for cars. If you use household soaps, you’ll damage and dull your car’s glossy coat. Plus, these specialized car cleaners will do a better job at washing away road grime, dead bugs, bird droppings, and other common debris.
Don’t skip the wax
Waxing your car gives it more than a beautiful glossy sheen — it also provides a layer of protection against debris and the elements. Wax provides UV protection to safeguard your car’s paint job from sunbleaching, while also acting as a barrier against all the grit and grime you encounter on the road. Just be sure not to get auto wax on your car’s rubber trim or plastic cladding, since wax can leave unsightly whitish splotches on these surfaces. Keep an auto wax remover on hand to keep these blotches at bay. If the wax has settled into a crevice or textured surface, a soft bristle brush may help you clean it out.
Do a spot check
Between washes, routinely inspect your vehicle’s exterior for bird droppings, sap, dead bugs, and road salt. If these harmful substances are left on your car’s surface, they can eat away at its clear coat, eventually exposing its paint to further damage. Use a waterless car washing spray or a quick detailer solution, along with a microfiber cloth, to remove grime from the affected area.
Shield it from the sun
Just as the sun’s rays can damage your skin and eyes, this harmful UV radiation can also bleach the vibrant color from your car. Protect your prized vehicle’s paint job by parking in the shade, under a carport, or in a garage whenever possible. If that isn’t an option, buying a car cover is another way you can give your vehicle a break from the sun.
Consider a ceramic coating
If you drive a valuable vehicle and you’re looking to safeguard its value, consider investing in a ceramic coating for the exterior. Much like waxing, a ceramic coating provides a barrier against UV rays, scratches, and damaging detritus like road salt and bug splatter. However, a ceramic coating is much more durable than wax — and considerably more expensive. Since your vehicle needs to be thoroughly polished before application, and the coating bonds to your car’s exterior, it’s best to have ceramic coating professionally applied. However, you can count on its protection lasting at least two years, so think of it as an investment in your vehicle’s long-term maintenance.
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June 12, 2023
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